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The Video Signoff platform is tailor made for:

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  • B2B Marketers

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On the salespage, hidden from the public is the ability to test the drag'n'drop editor. Only YOU know about this.

Your crew can test the URL's used in this video or any other URL they enter (YouTube URL's only in this demo. Other format options in the Studio).

To unlock this you type the word SECRET in the textbox half way down the page. In the section where you can test the url you want to import into the Studio. It contains this example url

After clearing the Boiling Crab url and typing SECRET, a popup panel appears where you can enter the page you want to open and the YouTube video ID. Click the button to open these in the editor.

An email swipe for this is coming later this week.



Right click to save


EMAIL SWIPE - Interactive Sales Page

Suggested affiliate hotlink text encased in [brackets]
SUBJECT 1: Dragging Any Video Into Any Webpage Is More Than Fun Drag Any Video Into Any Webpage. Can you really do that? Well almost. You CAN drag [trillions of videos into trillions of webpages] but not every video on the web into every webpage on the web. But why would you want to do that? Well yes, you could do it for fun. You might drag a video of PewDiePie from YouTube and drop it into Google's homepage then invite friends to look at it. But what's more fun and profitible is dropping one of your videos into a potential clients webpage and showing them. Video marketing is on fire and a lot of businesses are investing in it. So presenting your video to a prospect already in their page will only impress them. You can do this and more when you join up at [VideoSignoff]. It's a great platform for video marketers. BUT WAIT! Before you rush off there remember this word SECRET That's all caps You see [on this page about half way down] you'll see some fish swimming in an aquarium. You'll also see a textbox with the url Replace that url with the word SECRET (all caps) and a secret window will open where you can test dragging a video into a page. If you have one of your videos on YouTube, write down the ID [Click here] VideoSignoff is an amazing platform that will help you win more video clients than you could ever want. For 7 days you can also avoid any monthly or yearly recurring fees too so definitely get it working for your busineess and [grab it this week]. Cheers, You


SUBJECT 1: Drop Your Videos Into Any Webpage SUBJECT 2: (whatever you think) Hi guys, the Video Signoff platform was given a brand new (super powerful) feature last week. I think you'll love it and get a lot of use out of it too. Especially if you offer local business video services. You can now drop your video into almost any webpage on the web. Yep! Take a look. [insert animation and aff link] The VSO can open up almost any page on the web and you can size your video player and drop it into the page. It often takes less than a minute so you can create lots of pages quickly. The page is saved to the VSO content distribution network (cdn) where you can view it and send traffic to it. That traffic may simply be a company who you wanted to show how good a video looks in their page. This is where it's really powerful. For a company to see what a video looks like in their page means they have to have a video and then add it to the page. That probably involves their IT team. It's a process that takes time and money. We bypass all that. Just send them the cdn link and explain the video they see in the page will increase sales (or whetever the benefit will be). And this is just one use. You can create all sorts of pages in Video Signoff. There's a short video on the site showing how it works so take a look. Cheers,
Use the affiliate link throughout

EMAIL SWIPE - For owners of programs like Doodly, Animation Studio, Explaindio, etc

EMAIL SWIPE 2 - modify to suit. SUBJECT 1: Get Video Clients The Easy Way SUBJECT 2: Get Video Clients 10 X Faster SUBJECT 3: (whatever you think) Hi guys, if you use programs like Doodly, Animation Studio or Explaindio then you have the right tools to make a lot of money servicing local businesses. The massive increase of video by business is still growing and shows no sigh of slowing down either. Which is great for us video marketers! But how do we approach these businesses and have them sign up for $1500 of video services each month? To start with you join Video Signoff Because what Video Signoff lets you do is show a business what your video will look like after it's been added to their site. [insert animation and aff link] It lets you create a replica of their webpage, position your video in it and then show the business. Super Easy! It takes less than a minute too. And if you're offering promo in a niche, say cafes, you could show plenty of cafes how it would look each day! If the video looks great in their page, the business will primed and ready to sign on so have a great deal ready and get their autograph. Video Signoff is great for presenting vidoes to businesses but it also lets you create different types of landing pages for your videos. In fact, it's got multiple uses which you discover the more use you use it. Normally the platform is $69 m/o which is easily justified when it's generating thousands each month in business but for you guys I've managed to get a super cheap lifetime membership! This may only be available for a day or two so get it now and never pay monthly fees. #LINK This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to securing new business clients for your videos. Cheers,

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    * Terms:
    Prizes Paid After 30 Day Refunds Are Factored In
    ETA April 15

  1. 10 sales to qualify for prize money.
  2. 1st prize paid up to value of commissions earned.
    If you come 1st and earn $7500 comms, 1st prize will pay $7500.
  3. Prize formula is sales - refunds. Confirmed after refund period expires (30 days).
  4. Opt In Private Email list and webinar marketing only.
    Contact us for exceptions.
  5. NO Negative marketing. No article/review/blog/etc marketing.
  6. Breach of the terms will get your account terminated
    and any existing commissions refunded or recindered.
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